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Deal | 20% off Car Detailing Services at Pirelli Auto Care

Pirelli Auto Care

20% off All detailing services listed below – In Showroom ONLY (does not apply to home services)

Interior detailing – Steam clean the seats and carpets, apply necessary chemical to remove dirty spots, dashboard and doors cleaning, sanitize the carpets and seats, trunk sanitizing, roof cloth detailing and deodorizing vehicle

Price: Sedan 500QR SUV 600QR

Exterior detailing – (POLISHING) removing rough surfaces and asphalt dirt, removing stains, road grime, steam wash the body, removal of minor scratches by using our best and professional polishing material

Price: Sedan 500QR SUV 600QR

Complete detailing

  • Interior and exterior detailing / polishing.
  • Steam clean the seats and carpets, apply necessary chemicals to remove dirty spots on dashboard & doors.
  • Clean and Sanitizing carpets, seats and trunk. Roof cloth detailing and deodorizing vehicle.
  • Removing rough surfaces, asphalt dirt, stains and road grime.
  • Steam wash the body, removing minor scratches with polish by using our best and professional polishing materials.
  • Includes Interior and exterior detailing plus engine safe wash.

Price: Sedan 1000QR SUV 1200QR

Headlight Restoration - Headlight polishing and removal of fogging from the light surface.

Price: Sedan 150QR SUV 150QR

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